Tencent partners with WeTest for Tencent GWB Awards 2021

Tencent  has partnered with WeTest to expand the prize pool for the Tencent GWB Awards 2021.

WeTest guest judge Gunther Gong stated, “The 2021 GWB Awards are an amazing opportunity for WeTest to come into contact with and assist indie development teams from all around the world. With the indie game industry as competitive as it is, it’s more important than ever that developers consider compatibility and performance across a range of platforms, and so we thought about how we could best help participating teams. We are delighted to be a part of this event and we can’t wait to see more of the games taking part.”

 For the WeTest Quality Assurance prize, WeTest will offer 10 teams one-stop game quality assurance service for the full development lifecycle of their games, from R&D through to live-ops. The end-to-end testing solutions that WeTest.net provides involve compatibility, functional, performance, network, and security testing powered by the top 1,000 popular models which represents on average 80per cent of global users. With the leading technology support of WeTest.net, this will ensure participating teams are able to reduce costs, improve efficiency, and shorten lead time during the whole product lifecycle.

The prize kit offered by WeTest.net for all 10 teams includes:

  • Compatibility Testing for one build
  • Functionality Testing for one build

  • Performance Testing Instruction by WeTest Experts for one build

  • Security Testing for up to six months/game

  • Application Performance Management for up to six months/game

  • Crash Testing for up to six months/game

  • Permanent discount for Game Quality Assurance Service

As a result of this partnership, the GWB Awards 2021 Prize Pool consists of cash prizes (11 titles), Intel hardware for every winning team (11 titles), Full Quality Assurance services (10 titles), $2000 Cloud Credit to best multiplayer game (one title), free demo booths at a Chinese game industry event (two titles), free promotion on GWB and partner channels, one-on-one mentorship sessions with industry experts and free localisation (one title).

In order to take part in the awards, developers and publishers should submit information about their game, as well as a playable build. The submission period will be open from 22 March until 30 June and the entire participation process takes place online, with no attendance necessary.

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