Tencent acquires major stake of sci-fi FPS ‘GTFO’ game developer 10 Chambers

Tencent continues its push into the world of video games and this time the company has acquired a “major stake” in the Swedish game developer, 10 Chambers, known for the sci-fi FPS GTFO.

The studio broke the news on Twitter and said the investment will add “more muscle” to its development capabilities that will “allow it to reach new heights in the co-op FPS genre.”

“Since we embarked on our GTFO journey, almost six years ago, we’ve realized that our long-term vision for our studio and what we want to accomplish in the co-op FPS genre, is even more ambitious than we thought back in 2015. To reach the heights we want to, we need to add more muscle. We’ve been in search of a partner, and we found Tencent, which has now acquired a major stake in 10 Chambers. They give us the creative freedom to reach new heights in the co-op FPS genre, and they support our long-term commitment to GTFO and its community. Nothing changes with GTFO, and we’re still here, right now hard at work on the next major GTFO update, Rundown #004,” wrote the studio.

The value and terms of Tencent’s investment were not disclosed, but a statement from 10 Chambers described it as “a major stake.”

The founding team of 10 Chambers are all veterans of Starbreeze and Overkill — and specifically Payday: The Heist and Payday 2 — giving them substantial credentials in cooperative action games.

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