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Creator of ‘One-Punch Man’ and ‘Mob Psycho 100’ to launch new manga ‘Versus’

One-Punch Man and Mob Psycho 100 creator, ONE, recently revealed that he will launch a brand-new manga series, reported to be titled Versus.

Versus, a new manga series, will pit 47 heroes against 47 demons in a competition set up in part by the universe’s Demon Lord. Azuma Kyoutarou, who previously worked on Tenkaichi and King of Fighters, has been chosen as the series’ artist. The first chapter of the series will debut in Shounen Sirius on 26 November. Given the success of ONE, it wouldn’t be surprising to see this series eventually adapted into a new anime series.

The original One-Punch Man webcomic was first published in 2009 by ONE, who is still only known to the wider population by his original online handle. It tells the tale of Saitama, the strongest hero in the world who can defeat everything with a single punch but he is also incredibly bored with life. In 2012, ONE continued to oversee the writing for the manga adaptation of One-Punch Man, which featured art by Yusuke Murata. Beginning in 2012, ONE continued to write and illustrate Mob Psycho 100. It is now running its third season, and One-Punch Man’s third season was just confirmed to be in production. Both series later underwent anime adaptations.

One-Punch Man and Mob Psycho 100 are both available on Viz Media and Dark Horse Comics, respectively. The new manga Versus, will mark its debut on 26 November.

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