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‘Black Clover’ manga delayed for two weeks yet again

Black Clover has announced that there would be a last-minute delay until the holidays, despite being near the penultimate chapter of the manga. Yuki Tabata’s manga has officially begun the first actual combat of the grand finale after a few months of getting everything set for it. The character Asta is nearing the end of his most recent training session to learn a new skill, and given that Judgment Day’s entire war is still to come, it was simply logical for this to be cut short by a surprise attack. To find out what is headed our way next, however, the fans will have to wait a little longer than we had anticipated.

Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump magazine has stated that Black Clover would take a brief pause this week. There had been rumours that Black Clover chapter 346 would be released on 25 December, but now it has been confirmed that there would be a delay of two additional weeks before the next chapter of the series is really published. 

Asta’s final training arc has a fresh twist thanks to Black Clover chapter 345. The Paladins have launched their initial assault on the Land of the Sun while he is attempting to control Zetten. This will offer us further evidence of Zetten’s strength through the Ryuzen Seven, the best fighters in the Land of the Sun, in addition to showcasing the power of the Paladins in full force before the war against the Clover Kingdom begins.

Fans would hope that there are no further delays after this and can continue to witness the grand finale.

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