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Pinkfong and NCT DREAM celebrate their first collaboration anniversary through new song-swap ‘Project Switch’

In celebration of the first anniversary of the iconic collaboration, Pinkfong and NCT DREAM once again team up to bring smiles to fans worldwide, offering unparalleled experiences through the new song-swap project.

The Pinkfong Company, the global entertainment company behind the Baby Shark, expands its partnership with SM Entertainment, launching the new song-swap project entitled Switch, in which NCT DREAM will perform Pinkfong’s Baby T-REX while Pinkfong cover NCT DREAM’s Glitch Mode in 2D animation. The swap-version of Baby T-REX and Glitch Mode will be exclusively released on the Pinkfong and NCT DREAM’s YouTube channels throughout this month.

This new project comes as part of their beloved collaboration NCT-REX, the co-produced hit franchise of Pinkfong and NCT DREAM, featuring the 2D animated characters of NCT DREAM members. Launched in May 2021, NCT-REX has taken the world by storm as its videos have surpassed 75 million cumulative views while its special merchandise collection has been sold out within a week of its launch.

As part of the Switch project, NCT DREAM will unveil the cover version of Baby T-REX, one of the fan-favourite songs of Pinkfong, on Thursday, 5 May at 10 am (KST). Featuring Pinkfong’s T-REX, the music video of this cover version follows the seven members of NCT DREAM – Mark, Renjun, Jeno, Haechan, Jaemin, Chenle, and Jisung – as they explore the dinosaur world and sing Baby T-REX with NCT DREAM twist.

In addition to releasing NCT DREAM’s Baby T-REX, Pinkfong will reveal the 2D animated music video of Glitch Mode, the title song of NCT DREAM’s second full-length album, on Wednesday, 25 May at 7 pm (KST). The music video of Pinkfong’s Glitch Mode will feature NCT DREAM members in 2D animated characters, diving into the game world and helping T-REX with his love problem. With classic eight-bit retro sounds and mesmerizing neon punk colours, fans will be able to enjoy the whole-new version of Glitch Mode with a Pinkfong twist.

“We are delighted to celebrate the first anniversary of our collaboration with NCT DREAM and offer another exceptional entertainment experience to our fans around the world,” said The Pinkfong Company executive VP Ryan Seungkyu Lee. “We have explored a whole new way of partnership and built NCT-REX as one of the most significant collaborations in the K-pop scene. This marks our dedication to creating opportunities where we can bring joy to the people of all ages.”

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