New in-flight programs from Kartoon Channel! to debut on British Airways, Qatar Airlines and more

Genius Brands International, Inc. continues to expand distribution of its Kartoon Channel! with the launch of a dedicated application and channel on the Vizio Smart TV platform, reaching millions of additional television households across North America. Following the successful premiere of Kartoon Channel! on JetBlue, the company is broadening its global inflight entertainment experience for the network through its partnership with Spafax Inflight Entertainment and hence it will now include British Airways, Qatar Airways and International Airline Group’s (IAG) partner airlines, Aer Lingus and Iberia. 

“Our global strategy for Kartoon Channel! is to prioritise profitability with a diversified business model that includes subscriptions, advertising and licensing. These deals are a big step in that direction. We are proud to add Vizio to Kartoon Channel!’s list of smart TV partners, including Samsung TV, and LG TV. Kartoon Channel! will continue to grow as it is now being carried by the top three smart TV manufacturers in the U.S., as well as expanding our inflight entertainment offering with the addition of our new airline partners, IAG and Qatar Airways. Genius Brands continues to deliver Kartoon Channel! to young viewers and their families all over the world, meeting them with our safe, kid friendly content wherever they consume entertainment. The positive response is evident by our consistent top rating among users on the Apple app store,” said Genius Brands’ Kartoon Channel! president Jon Ollwerther.

Kartoon Channel! will offer passengers on these airlines select, original, family-friendly series. The content will be available in both English and Spanish on IAG airlines and in English and Arabic on Qatar Airways.

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