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Netflix shares official trailer of its upcoming animated/live-action mini-series ‘Lost Ollie’

The upcoming four-episode animation/live-action hybrid series Lost Ollie, inspired by the book Ollie’s Odyssey by prolific author, illustrator, and Oscar-winning filmmaker William Joyce, has received an official trailer and key art from Netflix.

The series is an epic adventure about a lost toy who braves childhood’s many dangers as he searches the countryside for the boy who lost him; and the story of the boy who lost more than a best friend.

The trailer also reveals that Lost Ollie will be a heartwarming adventure in which the title character meets humans and other toys who teach him life lessons. Furthermore, the trailer demonstrates an excellent blend of CGI and stop-motion animation that brings Ollie and his toy friends to life – implying that Lost Ollie will be a visual spectacle as well.

Shannon Tindle, the show’s creator, writer, and executive producer, adapted it for television. The episodes are directed by Academy award winner Peter Ramsey, who also serves as executive producer.

Lost Ollie’s voice cast includes Jonathan Groff as Ollie, Mary J. Blige as Rosy, a fierce warrior teddy bear stitched together with parts from other toys, and Tim Blake Nelson as Zozo, a clown doll who is both an old toy and an even older soul ready to give Ollie great advice. Kesler Talbot plays Ollie’s best friend Billy, and Gina Rodriguez and Jake Johnson play Billy’s parents in the live-action cast.

All four episodes of Lost Ollie will premiere on Netflix on 24 August.

Lost Ollie | Official Trailer | Netflix
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