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Netflix hit anime ‘Beastars’ season three announced to be the last

Fans of Beastars have a reason to howl. The official Twitter account for the Netflix anime hit announced that the third and final season is officially in production. The tweet, which can be viewed below, also announced that the new season is set to premiere in 2024!

Based on the hit manga by Paru Itagaki, Beastars takes place in a world of anthropomorphic animals. But this isn’t your cuddly Disney world, Beastars is a world where prey animals are at constant risk of being devoured by their carnivorous peers, causing a deep cultural divide. The hero is Legoshi, a timid grey wolf who just wants to keep his head down as he lives his life. But when a drama club meeting goes a little too late into the night, he crosses paths with Haru, a dwarf rabbit. The two begin to develop feelings for each other, but when a student is found devoured, tensions rise between the students of their school.

The first season of Beastars was released in March 2020 on Netflix outside of Japan, with season two following in July 2021. The show is developed by animation studio Orange, whose earliest projects were outsourced 3D animation for other projects. The studio’s first non-co-production anime was 2017’s Land of the Lustrous, which ran for a single 12-episode season. Beastars would be the studio’s next anime.

Upon its release, Beastars received critical and audience acclaim. The show also received the award for Best Opening Sequence, as well as eight other nominations, at the 5th Crunchyroll Anime Awards. Season two was also nominated for three categories at the 6th Crunchyroll Anime Awards in 2022.

The original Beastars manga premiered in 2017 and wrapped in 2021, totaling 196 chapters in length. The announcement of season three being the final is leaving fans with concern.

Beastars is available for streaming on Netflix.

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